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Note: I recently had ham-radio problems during the 2014 Orlando
Hamcation - after asking around for a repair facility,
Lee, at
Technical Services
was recommended by several people. I took my
radio to him (Tampa), and answered his questions while he opened
the Icom 706 case.  Inside, it looked like it had been swimming.  He
said he would continue investigating the problem and would E-Mail
me with a quote for repairs.  A few days later, he sent me several
pictures of damaged areas.  The 12V power supply capacitors  
leaked its electrolite/oil that had corroded various connections and
components and he recommended not repairing as it was not cost
effective.  We decided to scrap the unit.  Lee indicated the Icom 706
units always run hot and heat most likely caused the problem. (I will
mount my spare 706 with the power supply portion pointing down,
and will also install an auxillary 12VDC fan to help cool the unit.)

:  I found a modification for the fan circuit of the Icom 706 that
keeps the fan running at a slow speed, but will speed up when it gets
hot - works good.

Patti and I planned a trip that would take us to the shop and I wanted
to pick up the remote head as it was useable on my spare Icom 706.  
here is where I was surprised: When we got to the shop, he
showed me that the damage was all over the various boards,
connectors and components. I said ok,  junk it -
how much do I owe
you??  He said "nothing
, as I do not charge for quotes".  I
truely believe Lee is a honest person and will do a great job for you.

I'm giving you a "heads and thumbs up" in case you should ever need
this type of service.

Address is: Technical Specialists, LLC, 5911 E. Dr MLK Dlvd, Tampa,   

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