Our information
We are either at our "Our Little Acre" in North East Florida, or in a
31 foot white with green & gold markings 4-Winds class "C" motor
home. Our License plate is, Florida, "2 Hams. We should be towing
a bronze Suzuki license plate, Florida, "WK1F". Should you see us,
please honk as you pass.  If you are a ham radio operator, give us
a call on 146.55 simplex. We would like to chat with you.
Fred retired from the military in
1975. He worked at a paper mill in
Jacksonville, FL for about 13 years
as an industrial instrumentation
technician and electrician. He went
into a delayed early "retirement" at
the ripe old age of 56!       
Patti is the home maker, Fred's
appointment manager, finance
officer, 'gofer' and  confident.  (She
is one hell of a good navigator too!)
Last update was  10-04-2009
Patti and I have a new hobby -
Geocashing! This a hi-tech hide and
seek game where you try to locate
a "cache" using GPS and your wits.  
For more information, go to:
WWW.Geocashing.com. Our current
findings are 594, and includes 10