Some of our favorite places and campsites
1. The  Lambert ('throw roll') restaurant in Foley, Al.
2. The Wellsboro Diner in Wellsboro, PA - a unique rail type diner. Not many left in USA!
3. When in Chattanooga and you want "REAL MEXICAN" food, try   AMIGO on Ringgold Rd, East
Ridge, Tn. Bet you will like it!
4. You like history? Then visit the Chickamauga National Military park in Ft Oglethorpe, GA - see the
monuments all over the area.
5. Visit Harris Hill near Elmira and watch the sail planes.
6. Drive US101 up the west coast of California for fantastic views - not for  weak of heart though.
7. The AlCan highway to Alaska is breath taking - well worth the trip.  The highway through the Yucon
is unbelievable.
8. If you are in Elmira, NY vicinity and want some chicken, go to  Curleys!! Not unusual to see people
there that has driven a couple hundred miles for a dinner.
9. Like real home cooking? Visit Doo Wop's (Best 50's Diner) in Fernandina Beach, Fl
10. The Army base in Fairbanks, AK is different!
11. Batcave campground near Williston, FL has their own cave to dive into. Crystal clear and warm
water year round. Campground is owned/run by a diving shop!
12. Key West - yes, yes, yes!  Any part!  Fantastic views, great entertainment, fresh sea food, etc, etc!
13. Savannah, GA - visit for some southern charm and fine eats! Spend St Patrick day there and watch
a 4-hour parade!
14.   Check out the Cape Henry Light House - is it an optical illusion??
15. Visit the Pa. Grand Canyon for a fantastic view - it has trees in lieu of barren rocks!
16. For the real Florida views and friendly people, visit the Crystal River area.
17. Camping in the Crystal River area?? Then visit the Encore RV Park - great sites and people. Heated
pool year round.
18. Hey - you like beer?? If so try the Horseheads Micro Brewery located at 250 Old Ithaca Rd,
Horseheads, NY - tell Brenda hello for us. Very unique flavors on tap and bottled. There is a
GEOCACHE near the parking area.
Page updated:  03/27/16