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This Camping Club consists of Southern Ladies
and Gentlemen who normally meet the 2'nd
Thursday of each month in different camp
grounds for social gatherings and camping fun.
Several of our group are Amateur Radio
Operators (Ham Radio) and "sport" different
antenna's on their coaches and toads. Also,
some members are into Geocaching. (Ga. State
parks is a treasure cove for geocaching.)

The purpose of this web site is to keep our
members and friends informed of future
planned activities. Should any non-member
stumble on this web site, the welcome mat is
always open - please contact the club
president for more information.
Metter RoadRunner
The Metter Roadrunner
George Lilley   KL7IEK
Road·run·ner -ˈrōdˌrənər noun – a slender fast-running bird
of the cuckoo family, found chiefly in arid country from the
southern US to Central America.
But what is the infamous Metter Roadrunner?  Still belonging to
the cuckoo family, the Eastern Metter Roadrunner is a rare bird
indeed.  It can only be seen during the second week of each
month.  It only ventures out of its nest Monday through Friday.  
This behavior may seem strange, but it makes perfect sense
when you consider the number of Weekend wily coyotes found
lurking throughout the Georgia State Parks.  Some weird habits
that are observed of this strange member of the cuckoo family are
its eating habits.  It is reported that this strange bird will eat
extreme amounts of food during the week it spends out of the
nest.  Then the bird returns to its nesting area, eating very little so
as to motivate it to return month after month to a new feeding
The Metter Roadrunner has a very strange call.  Some have said
that it sounds like random groups of letters that are blurted out at
very high frequencies.  Some have said that they have captured
these strange vocalizations; i.e. WK1F, WK1E, W4CYJ, N4FOH,
W4TFK, etc.  One of the rarest calls reportedly is that of the Arctic
Roadrunner which is often found flocking with its southern
cousin.  The Arctic Roadrunner’s haunting call sounds like
KL7IEK.  Many of these strange sounds can also be heard calling
out to other migrating birds, most commonly the migrating Snow
Bird, between 0700 to 0900 each day of the week. This is strange
behavior indeed.
I’ve heard it said that these strange creatures actually take a
mobile nest with them and can be captured at many of Georgia’s
state parks and numerous other wooded camping areas.  It’s said
that this behavior is driven by its need to escape from the
weekend wily coyotes trying to take part in the Metter
Roadrunners feeding habits.
So here is hoping that in your travels through the great southeast
you get the chance see one of these rare birds.  I really hope that
you can get a picture of one or two of them. If you do, please try
to get it into the next news-letter.  Be very careful, it has been said
that the habits of this bird can be catching.
Cheers George, AKA the strange bird from up north KL7IEK,
squawk, squawk, squawk…  
Our December camp out during the week of 12/13/2018 will be
held at the
Coastal RV Resort,  287 S Port Pkwy, Brunswick, GA
31523, I-95 exit 29 - this is a full hookup with Wi-Fi, Cable, Concrete
pads, Pull-thru's(our section) and you can even wash your rig free.
The mild climate makes staying here enjoyable any time of the year,
so you'll never find it closed for an "off season." They  stay open all
year round.

Brunswick, once known for its rich fisheries as The Shrimp Capital
of the World, is situated on a peninsula with Oglethorpe Bay to the
west, the Brunswick River to the south, and the Intra coastal
Waterway to the east. This offers you a choice of inshore, offshore,
Gulf stream and deep-sea fishing.

The Park is conveniently located off I-95, Exit 29, situated on a
beautiful south Georgia lake surrounded by lush landscaping, just
minutes away from golf, beaches, historical sites and shopping.  
Cook out at our pavilion, spend some time on the lake in our paddle
boats, fish off the bank or get some sun lying by the pool. Clubs are
always welcome.

The area offers a multitude of places to visit and quaint eating
establishments.  St Simon's Island, one of my favorite places to visit
is only a few miles away.

This campout will be
hosted by all attending.  Club dinner will be
provided by those attending. Club will provide meats for our
meeting supper, other food to be provided by those present. There
is a grocery store about 1/2 mile away. Happy hours, munchies and
club's dinner will be at the Pavilion.

When you make your reservations tell them you are with the Metter
Road Runners.  
Call 912-264-3869 and make your reservations.    
Keep George and Fred informed of your plans for our food

Again this year, we will have a Chinese gift exchange (meaning the
gift isn't necessarily yours!) - $20.00  Max gift per person
participating in the gift exchange and being suitable for male or

During our meeting, we will hold elections of officers for the year

SO ---- get your party ideas together, make reservations and may we
have a grand time.
Dec. Campout
Our November campout during the week of Nov. 8, 2018 will be held at the Beaver
Run RV Park near Metter, Ga. From I-16 take exit #111 and go south on Ga. 46,
campground is on the right side and just a short distance off I-16.  You can make
your reservation on the internet or call 912-362-4737 -  be sure you mention the
Metter RoadRunners when you make your reservation.  Camping fees are $38.00
per night and they offer a 10% discount for Good Sam members.  PLUS - if we can
get 6 RV's, the rate is only $32.00 per night.

The RoadRunners have camped here a couple of times in the past and the
campground offers full hook-ups including cable. The power supply is 50/30 amp
and you camp under the pines.  It is a well maintained park with many amenities
including a pond for fishing.  There  are some good places to eat at Metter or
Statesboro - Savannah isn't that far away either. Our club dinner and meeting will
be held at Bevricks .

Fred and Patti will be hosting this campout - please keep George and Fred  
informed of your plans.  We hope for a big turnout.  Check the November secured
page for latest information.
November Campout
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